It's time to make your cheat days a GOOD way!

The BEST Organic ingredients, Vitamin Infused, ALL Natural Flavors and a lot LESS guilt

FIBS vitamin blend was created to make your daily nutrition a sweet and effortless experience. Treating yourself should be enjoyable, that's why FIBS chews have NO "1 a day" limits and NO artificial sweeteners. We believe your cheat days should count in a good way, every piece delivers a dose of daily vitamins with a burst of your favorite flavors. It's time to indulge without the guilt, go ahead and call dibs on FIBS!


Enjoy a burst of your favorite flavors, while gaining benefits...all at once!


‣ Promotes healthy nervous & digestive system

‣ Anti aging benefits

‣ Turns carbs into energy

‣ Improves nervous system function


‣ Helps metabolize fats, carbohydrates & proteins

‣ Increases blood circulation

‣ Improves energy

‣ Regulates thyroid activity

‣ Boosts immune system


‣ Metabolizes proteins & fats

‣ Improves nervous system

‣ Reduces stress & anxiety

‣ Boosts immune system

‣ Improves digestive system

‣Promotes red blood cell growth


‣ Improves overall mood

‣ Increases energy

‣ Helps with memory and fatigue

‣ Hair, Nail and Skin Benefits

‣ Improves cholesterol & high blood pressure

‣ Helps healthy regulation of the nervous system


‣ Strengthens immune system

‣ Reduces water retention

‣ Regulates blood pressure

‣ Prevents heart disease

‣ Turns food into energy


‣ Supports healthy metabolism

‣ Improves cardiovascular function

‣ Maintains healthy hair, skin & nails

‣ Helps build & repair tissue and muscles


‣  Antioxidants

‣  Boosts immune system

‣  Helps grow & repair body tissue

‣  Reduces inflammation

‣  Promotes Collagen production

FIBS bridges the gap between Candy & Nutrition

Satisfying your sweet tooth just got ALOT sweeter

Ditch the spoon and jar, we're portion control friendly :)

Sounds too good to be true? It gets better...
NO "1 a day" Limits
(flavors this amazing aren't meant for restrictions)

Who said you can't have it all?

Go ahead, call dibs on FIBS!